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Proceedings of the Pacific Knowledge Acquisition Workshop 2004

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posted on 2023-05-27, 23:02 authored by Kang, BH, Hoffmann, A, Yamaguchi, T, Yeap, WK
This is a proceeding of PKAW knowledge acqusition workshop Table of Contents Active Learning Finding cue expressions for knowledge extraction from scientific text: 1 early results Masashi Shimbo, Sayaka Tamamori and Yuji Matsumoto Mining Diagnostic Taxonomy for Multi-Stage Medical Diagnosis 14 Shusaku Tsumoto Constructing Compact Dual Ensembles for Efficient Active Learning 29 Huan Liu, Amit Mandvikar and Hiroshi Motoda Ripple Down Rules: Incremental Knowledge Acquisition Generalising Incremental Knowledge Acquisition 44 Paul Compton, Tri Minh Cao and Julian Kerr Knowledge Acquisition Module for Conversational Agents 54 Pauline Mak, Byeong HoKang, Claude Sammut and Waleed Kadous Personalized Web Document Classification using MCRDR 63 Sungsik Park, Yangsok Kim and ByeongHo Kang Achieving Rapid Knowledge Acquisition in a High-Volume Call Centre 74 Megan Vazey and Debbie Richards Acquisition of Articulable Tacit Knowledge 87 Peter Busch and Debbie Richards Knowledge Acquisition Tools Incremental Knowledge Acquisition using RDR for Soccer Simulation. 102 Angela Finlayson and Paul Compton Domain Ontology Construction with Quality Refinement 116 Takeshi Morita, Yoshihiro Shigeta, Naoki Sugiura, Naoki Fukuta, Noriaki Izumi and Takahira Yamaguchi Developing an Intelligent Learning Tool 127 for Knowledge Acquisition on Problem-based Discussion Akcell Chiang, Isaac Pak-Wah Fung and R. H. Kemp View of Knowledge Acquisition / Evaluate Knowledge Acquisition methods Towards Acquiring and Refining Class Hierarchy Design of 143 Web Application Integration Software Naoki Fukuta, Mayumi Ueno, Noriaki Izumi and Takahira Yamaguchi Consideration on 'Educationality' of Knowledge Acquisition 158 Support Systems Toshiro Minami A Comparative Study on Cost and Benefit of Capturing Design 172 Rationale Yoshikiyo Kato and Koichi Hori Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning Using Neural Network to Weight the Partial Rules: 183 Application to Classification of Dopamine Antagonist Molecules Sukree Sinthupinyo, Cholwich Nattee, Masayuki Numao, Takashi Okada and Boonserm Kijsirikul Future Directions in Adapting GAs using Knowledge Acquisition 196 J.P. Bekmann and Achim Hoffmann Incremental Learning of Control Knowledge for Lung Boundary Extraction 211 Avishkar Misra, Arcot Sowmya and Paul Compton E-Mail Document Categorization Using BayesTH-MCRDR Algorithm: 226 Empirical Analysis and Comparison with Other Document Classification Methods Woo-Chul Cho and Debbie Richards Detecting the Knowledge Frontier: An Error Predicting Knowledge 241 Based System Richard Peter Dazeley and Byeong Ho Kang



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