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The Copenhagen Diagnosis

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posted on 2023-05-22, 07:07 authored by Ian AllisonIan Allison, Nathaniel BindoffNathaniel Bindoff, Bindschadler, R, Cox, PM, de Noblet, N, England, MH, Francis, JE, Gruber, N, Haywood, AM, Karoly, DJ, Kaser, G, Le Quere, C, Lenton, TM, Mann, ME, McNeil, BI, Pitman, AJ, Rahmstorf, S, Rignot, E, Schellnhuber, HJ, Schneider, SH, Sherwood, SC, Somerville, RCJ, Steffen, K, Steig, E, Visbeck, M, Weaver, A
The Copenhagen Diagnosis is a summary of the global warming peer reviewed science since 2007. Produced by a team of 26 scient ists led by the University of New South Wales Climate Research Cent re, the Diagnosis convincingly proves that the effects of global warming have got ten worse in the last three years. I t is a t imely update to the UN’s Intercont inental Panel on Climate Change 2007 Fourth Assessment document ( IPCC AR4) . The report places the blame for the century long temperature increase on human factors and says the turning point ";must come soon"; . I f we are to limit warming to 2 degrees above pre- industrial values, global emissions must peak by 2020 at the latest and then decline rapidly. The scient ists warned that wait ing for higher levels of scientific certainty could mean that some t ipping points will be crossed before they are recognized. By 2050 we will effect ively need to be in a post -carbon economy if we are to avoid unlivable temperatures.







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