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Asbestos Memories: Journalistic 'Mediation' in Mediated Prospective Memory

posted on 2023-05-22, 20:04 authored by Mia LindgrenMia Lindgren, Phillips, G

Margaret Page and Ted Grant grew up in the blue asbestos mining town of Wittenoom in Western Australia in the 1950s. Both died from mesothelioma decades later. They remembered playing in the asbestos tailings that were everywhere and spoke about the betrayal they felt later when they realized the impact of that exposure:

… we used to climb up on the piles of tailings and slide down… and find the little bits of asbestos fibres in the tailings and…peeling the fibres to see how many fibres we could get out of this. If we had known the danger or our parents were told of the dangers, no way would they have let us children do those things. (Page, 2008) There was nothing ever said, nobody knew. And then I find out in later years that in 1898 they knew about it, in 1926 they had a symposium, in 1936 they also had another one. So they knew in 1956 the dangers of asbestos and they were still mining it.(Grant, 2008).


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Memory in a Mediated World: Remembrance and Reconstruction


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