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Measuring the dynamics of organisations and work: employee level survey

posted on 2023-05-28, 01:24 authored by Green, F, Arundel, A, Allan, S, van Cruysen, A, Forth, J, Greenan, N, Bellman, L, Csizmadia, P, Lorenz, E, Ester, P, Ramioul, M, Hamon-Cholet, S, Sirilli, G, Houtman, I, Huys, R, Illessy, M, Kraan, K, Mako, C, Pahnke, A, Sirilli, S, Amosse, T
This chapter of the Guidelines proposes indicators and a questionnaire to measure work organisation, its evolution and outcomes at the employee level. It complements the analysis of the previous chapter which concentrated on the employer level. Some employees will be involved in the decision processes that bring about organisational change, and many more will witness the changes as they occur. All employees are affected in one way or another by work organisation and how it is changing. Chapter I of the guidelines centred discussion on the areas of interest that an employeelevel survey should focus on. After briefl y revisiting the core objectives of the MEADOW project, and restating the concepts that are to be measured in the employee-level survey, this introduction will review the constraints, principles of item design and assumptions that the employee-level survey will face. Sections II and III of this chapter go through the concepts, including background demographics, and consider appropriate indicators in each case. The employee level questionnaire itself is included as an Appendix to the chapter.


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