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Can 'bricks and clicks' save small stores?

posted on 2023-05-26, 12:12 authored by Eleanor GrimmerEleanor Grimmer
Think about the last time you shopped. Was it in a store or online? The way we shop has completely changed. My retail research conducted at the University of Tasmania, shows that many small retailers haven’t kept up with the digital economy. Half of small retailers do not have a website, or if they do, the site doesn’t have a shopping cart. This is a problem because consumers want to connect with retailers via many different ‘channels’ including online and on mobiles. Retailing is incredibly important and retail activity impacts on local communities and economies. Think about your local shopping area, if it were to disappear, what impact would that have on you and your local community? We need to act now to prevent small retailers closing down. My research shows small stores without e-commerce should set up a simple and inexpensive online store. Coupled with their physical store, this is what we call ‘bricks and clicks’. By using this strategy, small and independent retailers can better adapt to changing consumer shopping behaviour. A ‘bricks and clicks’ approach can save small stores!


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