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Papering the Landscape: re-visioning Cataract Gorge

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posted on 2023-05-25, 08:10 authored by Henderson, SJ
The artwork in 'Papering the landscape: re-visioning Cataract Gorge' is an installation of works on paper pasted directly to the walls inviting a viewer into an immersive space where the visual field is encompassed by patterned and textures surface reminiscent of rock/ cliff formations/ landscape-type references, Entry of the work can occur at any point, and not all can be see at once, reminiscent of a climber/ walker moving about a cliff/ natural environment. The show significantly changes the interior spaces which are used as thoroughfares for students attending lectures. The source of inspiration for the artwork comes from my experiences as a rock climber in Cataract Gorge (and other places). For me this way of engaging with a natural environment has interesting perceptual and cultural aspects which I consider in my paintings and installations (e.g. focus on verticality in a landscape, focus on tactility, moving vision (scanning gaze), up close and within, rather than surveying or viewing over). The paintings are made on chinese paper using watery processes with ink and natural processes such as osmotic drying effects, flow and gravity of ink and movement of ink on wet paper. Spray packs and stencil are also used to layer surface. Ideas of mapping places are referenced through use of the grid. Unusual parts of the gallery space are used and the white gallery wall is activated as part of the picture plane. Part of the work references movement events through space, cliff edges and textural surfaces. The work aims to invite physical, sensory and imaginative responses to places.



solo exhibition/ installation large works on paper




School of Creative Arts and Media


New Gallery, Newnham, Launceston.


47 days

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New Gallery, Newnham, Launceston.

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