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Piss, perfume and Paris, les odeurs magnifiques

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posted on 2023-05-25, 09:08 authored by Kim Lehman
There is an argument that a considerable percentage of our current conscious knowledge is held in memory. As you read this you are drawing on memories of what you may or may not know about me, what you have read on memory even just a moment ago (but certainly over you lifetime), your opinions, beliefs and experiences in relation to memory, and life, and art. In the case of the latter arguably you would not be reading this without some interest in art, and this colours your understanding of what I am now saying. Of course, we are delving into other psychological constructs here, and even how memory ‘works’ has been, and still is, debated by those interested in its epistemology. Here, though, my concerns are perhaps less esoteric, having been inspired by my interest in how we interpret present events through the filter of past experience to form our perception of the world around us. Overall, this group of works aims to form something of an immersive, sensory story deeply embedded in my own memories, but also hopefully prompting recollections and reminisces from the audience.







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