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This is Tomorrow, My Favourite Film

posted on 2023-05-26, 13:16 authored by Mark DewsburyMark Dewsbury

Ex Machina reveals the contradictions of the modern. The first world society that increasingly creates sterile, digitally controlled and white habitation, whilst longing for Thoreau's simple and romantic bushland shack. Sadly, most 'shacks' have become their own modern contradiction, providing the barrier between the controlled and mechanised interior and the tamed but wild exterior.

Ex Machina takes this to the next level as the PC and Siri have become the sensual female designed and made to serve. Even with this level of control, the male creator extends his power to punish and decommission unwanted attributes. The robotic endeavours realise the age-old traditions of sexuality and servitude within the controlled interior and uncontrolled exterior. The tamed landscape provides for the sublime backdrop for the battle between the male human and his female machines.


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17 May-7 June 2019, Academy Gallery, Academy of the Arts, Launceston

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