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3D modelling of tillering behaviour and light interception of freely (-tin) and restricted (+tin) tillering wheat near-isolines

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posted on 2023-05-23, 10:20 authored by Carina Moeller, Evers, JB, Rebetzke, GJ
A functional-structural plant model of wheat architecture was parameterised to simulate a pair of lines varying for a tiller inhibition (tin) gene. Effects of planting configuration were explored through red : far-red (R:FR) signalling on tiller production, final spike numbers, and light interception. Both increased plant density (125 to 200 plants/m2) and row spacing (20 to 30 cm) reduced the simulated tiller and spike numbers per plant in both lines. This reduction was greater in the free-tillering (–tin) than in the reduced-tillering (+tin) line. At wider row spacing of 30 cm, simulated radiation interception was less in the +tin line than in the –tin line from about 60 days after sowing onwards. In the +tin line, increased R:FR signalling between individual plants due to less within-row spacing at wider rows resulted in reduced spikes/m2 irrespective of population density. Spikes/m2 simulated for the –tin line were similar at either row spacing in a population of 125 plants/m2, but decreased with wider row spacing at the higher density of 200 plants/m2. For both lines, the greatest number of tillers and ultimately spikes per m2 was simulated at a density of 200 plants/m2 and 20 cm row spacing (–tin: 820 spikes/m2; +tin: 570 spikes/m2). The simulations indicated that growing +tin wheat at an increased density of 200 plants/m2 and 20 cm row spacing can produce similar, or greater, spikes/m2 compared to –tin wheat grown at a density of 125 plants/m2.


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Proceedings of the17th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference


T Acuna, M Harrison, C Moeller, D Parsons




Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA)


Australian Society of Agronomy

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17th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference

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Hobart, Australia

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