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Breed differences and genetic parameters for fat traits of crossbred cattle

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posted on 2023-05-26, 07:43 authored by Pitchford, WS, Deland, MPB, Siebert, BD, Malau-Aduli, AEO, Bottema, CDK
Sires representing seven diverse breeds were mated to Hereford cows over four years and the progeny slaughtered. Highly marbled Jersey and Wagyu crossbred cattle had softer fat (6% lower melting point) than the other breeds. The Angus crosses marbled like Jersey and Wagyu, but had harder fat similar to the very lean Belgian Blue. Hereford, South Devon and Limousin crosses had harder fat than Angus crosses. The South Devon had similar marbling to the Hereford (moderate), but with much less P8 fat (similar to Limousin). Heritabilities were low (e.g. marbling 18%) to moderate (e.g. carcass weight 36%) for the various carcass traits measured.






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Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding & Genetics Conference

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Queenstown, New Zealand

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In: Neville Jopson (Editor). Biotechnology. Proceedings Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding & Genetics, Queenstown, New Zealand, vol. 14, 477-480.

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