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Comparing within paddock yield variability of perennial ryegrass monocultures and perennial ryegrass, white clover and plantain mixtures using yield mapping

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posted on 2023-05-23, 10:26 authored by McLaren, DK, Pembleton, KG
Diverse mixtures of pasture species have greater potential for exploiting niches within a paddock compared to monocultures resulting in less variability in pasture growth within the paddock. It is unknown if the variability occurs at a scale that is relevant in intensively managed dairy systems. This study assessed the variability in pasture biomass within 6 split paddocks sown to either perennial ryegrass monocultures (PRG) or perennial ryegrass, white clover and plantain mixtures (RCPM) on a dairy farm in north-west Tasmania. The biomass present in each area was mapped immediately prior to grazing in the spring of 2014 and autumn 2015 using a C-Dax pasture meter with a GPS console. Data was interpreted through the Manifold GIS software before being analysed in the R statistical package. There were no significant difference in pasture biomass between the PRG and RCPM treatments, with mean pasture biomass of 2997 and 3162 kg DM/ha respectively. The variation in pasture biomass within each area (as assessed by the co-efficient of variation) was greater in the PRG areas (16.6%) than in the RCPM areas (13.4%). The overall difference between the within plot standard deviation and coefficient of variation for the treatments was small at 65 kg DM/ha and 3.2% respectively. Diverse pastures have increased opportunities to exploit niches existing within dairy paddocks relating to soil diversity. This and other studies suggest that exploitation of niches only has a small impact upon within paddock yield variability.


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Proceedings of the 17th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference


T Acuna, M Harrison, C Moeller, D Parsons




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17th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference

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