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Decision Support System for Produced Water Management in the Offshore Petroleum Industry

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posted on 2023-05-26, 09:09 authored by Niaz, M, Husain, T, Bose, N, Veitch, B, Hawboldt, K
DISSPROWM is an integrated modeling system for prediction of fate of produced water pollutants in offshore environments, for determining the best treatment technology and for assessment of risk and hazards to human and marine species from non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic pollutants present in the produced water including radionuclides. It consists of a Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed with Microsoft Visual Basic that integrates a SQL Server database, an initial dilution model, a dispersion model and risk assessment modules for human beings and marine species. Mukhtasor's model (Mukhtasor, 2001) is used as the initial dilution model and is good of uniform flow only. USEPA Cormix has been used for uniform as well as non-uniform or stratified flow. The database contains hundreds of pollutants and their properties that are required in dispersion and risk assessment modeling. The database also contains current produced water regulations and information on some of the selected existing treatment technologies with typical cost data required for decision-making purposes.


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