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Midwater acoustic modeling for multibeam sonar simulation

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posted on 2023-05-26, 10:20 authored by Buelens, B, Williams, R, Sale, AHJ, Pauly, T
Simulation and modeling software has been developed to generate synthetic midwater multibeam data. Essentially, the simulator can be considered as a virtual test tank. In order to develop multibeam data analysis methods for fisheries research, it is essential to have a variety of test data sets available, which are ground truthed, georeferenced and corrected for vessel motion. Since equipment and ship time are expensive and data quality not always guaranteed, the simulator provides an effective alternative. The seabed and any objects in the water column such as fish and fish schools can be defined in a 3-dimensional space. A specification for a generic linear array multibeam sonar and its position in space and time can be chosen. The acoustic model implements the technique of acoustic ray-tracing to obtain the pressure at the transducer face, which is converted to individual samples by modeling the working of a digital multibeam system. Beamforming is performed on the fly, and both raw and beamformed complex data sets are generated. Statistical validation of the generated data has been conducted successfully.


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Acoustical Society of America Conference 2003

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Austin, Texas

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