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posted on 2023-05-24, 14:46 authored by Jennifer McMahonJennifer McMahon
The focus of this research centres on how the use of narrative (story telling) was used to locate and challenge/shift pre service teachers' bodies in health and physical education (HPE). Following the work of Evans, Davies & Rich (2009); Garrett & Wrench (2012); lisahunter (2011), who have attempted to locate bodies in teaching, this paper brings to the fore the pre service teachers' bodies along with their various voices. This project builds upon previous research that has highlighted the sustained impact of pedagogy and more specifically, body pedagogies (Lee & Macdonald, 2010; McMahon, Penney & Dinan-Thompson, 2012), and recognition of the potential that narrative may offer as a tool to shift and/or challenge thinking (Douglas & Careless, 2008; McMahon & Penney, 2011; Moon, 2010). This research has thus acknowledged that the body is a site through which lived experience can be perpetuated and explored whether narrative (story writing) may be able to enhance the ability to engage, locate and acknowledge pre service teachers' 'lived bodies' and how they might be influencing their 'living bodies' in regard to what health and physical education is and how it should be taught. The concepts of lived and living bodies will be discussed and pre service teachers' narratives presented with the intention that the audience can reflect on the impact of the use of narrative in teacher education. The pre service teacher stories presented in this research resonate with Foucault's contention (1997, p. 232) where the act of telling is a practice that enables individuals "to effect...operation on their bodies and souls, thoughts, conduct and way of being so as to transform themselves in order to attain a certain state of happiness, purity, wisdom, perfection or immortality." I contend that locating, acknowledging and positioning the pre service teacher bodies is important for all educators to assist in moving students beyond what they experienced as school students


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