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The dynamics of the boundary between lowland buttongrass moorland and wet-eucalypt forest in southwest Tasmania. Nature Conservation Report 4/10.

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posted on 2023-05-26, 09:12 authored by Marsden-Smedley, JB, Brown, MJ, James ReidJames Reid
The plant commonly known as 'buttongrass' is a tussock forming sedge with the scientific name Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus. The vegetation in which this species is usually (but not always) common is also known as 'buttongrass' or 'buttongrass moorland'. Jarman et al. (1988) provide a definition of buttongrass moorland vegetation that is adopted for the purposes of these proceedings: ‚Äö ‚Äö"any treeless vegetation containing Gymnoschoenus, except communities where only a few isolated obviously adventive Gymnoschoenus plants are present; ‚Äö Vegetation in which Gymnoschoenus is common but which contains widely spaced emergent trees; ‚Äö Small recurring islands (mostly areas less than about 50 by 50 m) of non-alpine, treeless vegetation which do not contain Gymnoschoenus but are surrounded by communities of the type described above; small strips of similar vegetation (about 20 - 30 m wide) which occur along creeks or in gullies, are also included as buttongrass vegetation providing that the above communities border them on either side." (Jarman et al. 1988). These proceedings comprise the opening and closing presentations, the summaries of the buttongrass moorland workshop group discussions, some of the papers presented, as well as feedback from participants regarding buttongrass moorland management and research. Of those papers and posters not included, most have been published elsewhere (see bibliography below). Many were published together in Australasian Plant Conservation volume 16 (issue number 3), the Bulletin of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation. This was a special theme edition: Buttongrass moorland ‚ÄövÑvÆ Conservation and management.


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Buttongrass Moorland Management Workshop

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School of Geography & Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania

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