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A Computer Vision System to Analyse the Swimming Behaviour of Farmed Fish in Commercial Aquaculture Facilities: a Case Study using Cage-held Atlantic Salmon

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posted on 2023-05-26, 11:04 authored by Pinkiewicz, T, Gary PurserGary Purser, Williams, RN
Knowledge of fish behaviour plays an important role in aquaculture farm management. Video systems are the most common and cost-effective way of observing behaviours in commercial aquaculture operations. However long term observation is not feasible due to a limited ability to analyse footage manually. This paper describes preliminary findings obtained via computer vision software that was developed to automatically analyse fish movement and behaviours in aquaculture sea cages. Results show that the system is capable of detecting fish shapes in video recordings and from these shapes quantifying changes in swimming speed and direction continuously throughout the day. Also variations between days were detected and these may have been associated with the daily shift in the tidal cycle. The system has the potential to act as an alarm to farm operators, informing them about unusual fish behaviours on a continuous, real-time basis. It also has potential to assist in the evaluation of fish welfare.


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Aquacultural Engineering



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