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A combined pre-clinical meta-analysis and randomized confirmatory trial approach to improve data validity for therapeutic target validation

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posted on 2023-05-18, 20:03 authored by Kleikers, PWM, Hooijmans, C, Gob, E, Langhauser, F, Rewell, SSJ, Radermacher, K, Ritskes-Hoitinga, M, David Howells, Kleinschnitz, C, Schmidt, HHHW
Biomedical research suffers from a dramatically poor translational success. For example, in ischemic stroke, a condition with a high medical need, over a thousand experimental drug targets were unsuccessful. Here, we adopt methods from clinical research for a late-stage pre-clinical metaanalysis (MA) and randomized confirmatory trial (pRCT) approach. A profound body of literature suggests NOX2 to be a major therapeutic target in stroke. Systematic review and MA of all available NOX2-/y studies revealed a positive publication bias and lack of statistical power to detect a relevant reduction in infarct size. A fully powered multi-center pRCT rejects NOX2 as a target to improve neurofunctional outcomes or achieve a translationally relevant infarct size reduction. Thus stringent statistical thresholds, reporting negative data and a MA-pRCT approach can ensure biomedical data validity and overcome risks of bias.


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