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A history of the Tasmanian scallop industry, diagnosing problems of management

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posted on 2023-11-02, 05:32 authored by RA Perrin, PR Hay
Three distinct phases occur in the history of management of the Tasmanian scallop industry, corresponding with a shift in the industry's locus, from D'Entrecasteaux Channel to the East Coast, and thence to Bass Strait. Each shift was prompted by crisis in the industry, and though the result on each occasion was to dramatically increase the scale of the industry, the record has been one of ad hoc implementation of ultimately ineffective strategies. Though there are some local factors accounting for this, most are deep-seated and resistant to easy resolution - they have to do with the biology of the scallop, with its status as a common property resource, and with the ongoing failure to develop theoretical models of fisheries management appropriate to the scallop industry. It seems unlikely that the industry's management problems can be easily and quickly solved.


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