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A reconnaissance of pollution of the King River in the Comstock-Crotty area, west Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-02, 06:19 authored by B Mills, RH Norris, D Coleman, PS Lake
In November 1974 ,an investigation was made of the King River through the stretch from just above its junction with Comstock Creek to just above its junction with the Governor River. Sampling stations were selected at nine sites, six on the King River, one on Linda Creek, one on Comstock Creek and one on the Governor River. At each station, samples were taken of the water, of the sediments and of the benthic macro­invertebrates. Analysis of the sediment samples provided good evidence that the King River is polluted from Comstock Creek downstream, with copper and, to a lesser extent, lead and zinc. This pollution is clearly indicated in the distribution of the riffle-­dwelling macroinvertebrates and of trout. The Governor River and the King River up­stream of Comstock Creek are not polluted. A 24-hour sampling of the drift fauna in the King River just above and just below the entry of Comstock Creek showed a surprising drop in the abundance of the drift with the entry of pollution. The results of the survey are discussed in the light of overseas work on stream sediments and Australian and overseas work on the effects of metal pollution on stream fauna. The pollution, even if steps are made to abate it, is likely to persist for a very long time.


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