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Absorption cooling systems - review of various techniques for energy performance enhancement

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posted on 2023-05-20, 11:30 authored by Rasoul Nikbakhti, Xiaolin WangXiaolin Wang, Kadhim Hussein, A, Iranmanesh, A
Absorption refrigeration technology was introduced to address some serious issues such as the energy crisis, increased fuel prices, and environmental problems associated with the conventional compression refrigeration systems. It has attracted an increasing deal of interest thanks to such advantages as utilization of low-grade heat sources and environment-friendly working fluid pairs. Nevertheless, this technology suffers from two major obstacles including the usually too large size of the cooling unit and the low coefficient of performance (COP), preventing the absorption systems from being commercially successful. Numerous research works have been done to develop strategies in order to improve the COP of the absorption systems, so as to make the absorption refrigeration technology more competitive with the conventional compression refrigeration systems. In this paper, it is intended to conduct a literature review on various technologies implemented to improve the COP of absorption refrigeration systems. Among effective and promising workarounds for increasing the COP of absorption refrigeration systems, this work refers to cycle design improvement, heat recovery method, development of new working pairs, adding sub-components, and improvement of operating conditions.


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