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Against the grain: public interests, the parklet, and the university

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posted on 2023-05-21, 16:54 authored by Jarman, N, Elaine StratfordElaine Stratford
Temporary/tactical or T/T urbanism is a global movement in urban design and planning encompassing small experimental interventions typically involving diverse actors in the conversion of under-utilised city spaces. Its outcomes include enhancing innovation, urban intensity, community engagement, place identity, and resilience but questions remain about the extent to which large organisations engaging in T/T urbanism are part of what seems to be an increasingly legitimised, even sanitised approach to what has been a disruptive element of urban design and planning. In Tasmania, studies of T/T urbanism are limited. The qualitative research reported here addresses that gap and analyses street interviews and participants’ opinions about a temporary parklet proposed by the University of Tasmania in the Hobart central business district. Analysed thematically, those views and additional insights from the literature suggest it is possible for a large organisation to engage local communities and serve public interests using T/T urbanism initiatives but that the outcomes are not guaranteed.


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