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Aspects of the distribution, phytosociology, ecology and management of Danthonia popinensis D.I. Morris, an endangered wallaby grass from Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-02, 05:03 authored by JB Kirkpatrick, L Gilfedder
Danthonia popinensis is a recently discovered, nationally endangered tussock grass, originally known from only one roadside population at Kempton, Tasmania. Six populations have been recorded, all from flat land with mildly acid non-rocky soils, and all in small roadside or paddock remnants, badly invaded by exotic plants. However, one site has recently been destroyed through roadworks. The species germinates best at temperatures of 10°e, indicating a winter germination strategy. Autumn burning at Kempton resulted in an increased cover of D. popinensis two years after the burn, but also resulted in an increased cover of competitive exotics. The future of the species needs to be secured by ex situ plantings, as almost all of its original habitat has been converted to crops or improved pasture.


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