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Cardiovascular disease prevention and management in the COVID-19 era and beyond: An international perspective

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posted on 2023-05-21, 16:07 authored by Faghy, MA, Yates, J, Andrew HillsAndrew Hills, Sisitha JayasingheSisitha Jayasinghe, da Luz Goulart, C, Arena, R, Laddu, D, Gururaj, R, Veluswamy, SK, Dixit, S, Ashton, REM
Despite some indicators of a localized curtailing of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevalence, CVD remains one of the largest contributors to global morbidity and mortality. While the magnitude and impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic have yet to be realized in its entirety, an unquestionable impact on global health and well-being is already clear. At a time when the global state of CVD is perilous, we provide a continental overview of prevalence data and initiatives that have positively influenced CVD outcomes. What is clear is that despite attempts to address the global burden of CVD, there remains a lack of collective thinking and approaches. Moving forward, a coordinated global infrastructure that, if developed with appropriate and relevant key stakeholders, could provide significant and longstanding benefits to public health and yield prominent and consistent policy resulting in impactful change. To achieve global impact, research priorities that address multi-disciplinary social, environmental, and clinical perspectives must be underpinned by unified approaches that maximize public health.


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