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Census of the plants of Tasmania, instituted in 1879

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posted on 2023-11-22, 22:49 authored by Ferdinand von Mueller
In the following pages the first part of a statistic essay on Tasmanian plants is submitted to the Royal Society. This portion of the essay is limited to a list of those plants which hitherto have become known from the main island and the smaller isles under its political jurisdiction, as far as Di- and Mono-cotyledoneae and Ferns are concerned. The arrangement is effected chiefly in accordance with the Candollean system, which in most respects represents that of Jussieu in a reversed series. But the apetalous orders of Jussieu or the Monochlamydeae of Candolle have been distributed, with the exception of the amentaceous orders, in the other large systematic divisions, and thus several ordinal groups of plants, which by adherence to the usual methods of arrangement would stand far apart, have been brought into close proximity, according to their nearest natural affinities.


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Papers & Proceedings and Report of the Royal Society of Tasmania



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In 1843 the Horticultural and Botanical Society of Van Diemen's Land was founded and became the Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land for Horticulture, Botany, and the Advancement of Science in 1844. In 1855 its name changed to Royal Society of Tasmania for Horticulture, Botany, and the Advancement of Science. In 1911 the name was shortened to Royal Society of Tasmania..

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