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Change-aware scheduling for effectively updating linked open data caches

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posted on 2023-05-20, 18:59 authored by Akhtar, U, Razzaq, MA, Ur Rehman, U, Muhammad Bilal AminMuhammad Bilal Amin, Khan, WA, Huh, E-N, Lee, S
The linked open data (LOD) cloud is a global information space with a wealth of structured facts, which are useful for a wide range of usage scenarios. The LOD cloud handles a large number of requests from applications consuming the data. However, the performance of retrieving data from LOD repositories is one of the major challenge. Overcome with this challenge, we argue that it is advantageous to maintain a local cache for efficient querying and processing. Due to the continuous evolution of the LOD cloud, local copies become outdated. In order to utilize the best resources, improvised scheduling is required to maintain the freshness of the local data cache. In this paper, we have proposed an approach to efficiently capture the changes and update the cache. Our proposed approach, called application-aware change prioritization (AACP), consists of a change metric that quantifies the changes in LOD, and a weight function that assigns importance to recent changes. We have also proposed a mechanism to update policies, called preference-aware source update (PASU), which incorporates the previous estimation of changes and establishes when the local data cache needs to be updated. In the experimental evaluation, several state-of-the-art strategies are compared against the proposed approach. The performance of each policy is measured by computing the precision and recall between the local data cache update using the policy under consideration and the data source, which is the ground truth. Both cases of a single update and iterative update are evaluated in this study. The proposed approach is reported to outperform all the other policies by achieving an F1-score of 88% and effectivity of 93.5%.


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