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Characteristics of a multi-species conifer network of wood properties chronologies from Southern Australia

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posted on 2023-05-21, 14:26 authored by Kathryn AllenKathryn Allen, Scott NicholsScott Nichols, Evans, R, Baker, PJ
Progress in quantitative wood anatomy has resulted in a growing number of increasingly understood proxies from the tree-ring archive. Much of this work has been based on tree species in the Northern Hemisphere. Here, we present and examine a relatively dense network of wood property chronologies (wood density, tracheid radial diameter, cell wall thickness and ring width) from several species in Tasmania, southern Australia. We ask how the relationships amongst the different types of chronologies differ within and amongst species. We also consider how each chronology responds to monthly climate. In general terms, and similar to findings in the Northern Hemisphere, relationships between the various wood properties and climate are stronger than those between climate and ring width chronologies. An important exception to this is the highest elevation Lagarostrobos franklinii site. Additionally, strongest response to climate for the wood properties generally occurs for the concurrent growing season compared to the prior growing season for ring width. Relationships amongst the various chronology types differ for the various species, with L. franklini also showing some variation in these relationships by site (possibly associated with elevation). Results suggest there is considerable value in further exploring the potential for developing anatomical wood chronologies for climate reconstruction from other species for which ring widths do not exhibit a strong climate signal.


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