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Characterization and genomic analysis of a novel lytic phage vB_PstM_ZRG1 infecting Stutzerimonas stutzeri, representing a new viral genus, Elithevirus

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posted on 2023-09-13, 02:29 authored by Ying Chen, Ruizhe Guo, Yantao Liang, Lin Luo, Ying Han, Hongmin Wang, Hong Zhang, Yundan Liu, Kaiyang Zheng, Hongbing Shao, Yeong Yik Sung, Wen Jye Mok, Li Lian Wong, Andrew McMinnAndrew McMinn, Min Wang
Stutzerimonas stutzeri is an opportunistic pathogen widely distributed in the environment and displays diverse metabolic capabilities. In this study, a novel lytic S. stutzeri phage, named vB_PstM_ZRG1, was isolated from the seawater in the East China Sea (29°09'N, 123°39'E). vB_PstM_ZRG1 was stable at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 65°C and across a wide range of pH values from 3 to 10. The genome of vB_PstM_ZRG1 was determined to be a double-stranded DNA with a genome size of 52,767 bp, containing 78 putative open reading frames (ORFs). Three auxiliary metabolic genes encoded by phage vB_PstM_ZRG1 were predicted, including Toll/interleukin-1 receptor (TIR) domain, proline-alanine-alanine-arginine (PAAR) protein and SGNH (Ser-Gly-Asn-His) family hydrolase, especially TIR domain is not common in isolated phages. Phylogenic and network analysis showed that vB_PstM_ZRG1 has low similarity to other phage genomes in the GenBank and IMG/VR database, and might represent a novel viral genus, named Elithevirus. Additionally, the distribution map results indicated that vB_PstM_ZRG1 could infect both extreme colds- and warm-type hosts in the marine environment. In summary, our finding provided basic information for further research on the relationship between S. stutzeri and their phages, and expanded our understanding of genomic characteristics, phylogenetic diversity and distribution of Elithevirus.



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College of Marine Life Sciences, Institute of Evolution and Marine Biodiversity, Frontiers Science Center for Deep Ocean Multispheres and Earth System, Center for Ocean Carbon Neutrality, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China.

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