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Cleaner seas: reducing marine pollution

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posted on 2023-05-20, 20:41 authored by Kathryn WillisKathryn Willis, Ana Catarina Serra GoncalvesAna Catarina Serra Goncalves, Richardson, K, Schuyler, QA, Pederson, H, Kelli AndersonKelli Anderson, Stark, JS, Joanna VinceJoanna Vince, Britta Hardesty, Chris Wilcox, Barbara NowakBarbara Nowak, Jennifer Lavers, Jayson SemmensJayson Semmens, Dean GreenoDean Greeno, Catriona MacLeodCatriona MacLeod, Frederiksen, NPO, Peter PuskicPeter Puskic
In the age of the Anthropocene, the ocean has typically been viewed as a sink for pollution. Pollution is varied, ranging from human-made plastics and pharmaceutical compounds, to human-altered abiotic factors, such as sediment and nutrient runoff. As global population, wealth and resource consumption continue to grow, so too does the amount of potential pollution produced. This presents us with a grand challenge which requires interdisciplinary knowledge to solve. There is sufficient data on the human health, social, economic, and environmental risks of marine pollution, resulting in increased awareness and motivation to address this global challenge, however a significant lag exists when implementing strategies to address this issue. This review draws upon the expertise of 17 experts from the fields of social sciences, marine science, visual arts, and Traditional and First Nations Knowledge Holders to present two futures; the Business-As-Usual, based on current trends and observations of growing marine pollution, and a More Sustainable Future, which imagines what our ocean could look like if we implemented current knowledge and technologies. We identify priority actions that governments, industry and consumers can implement at pollution sources, vectors and sinks, over the next decade to reduce marine pollution and steer us towards the More Sustainable Future.


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