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Complexes of late transition metals containing the mixed donor ligands 2,6-(RSCH2)2C5H3N (R=Ph, Me): Crystal structures of [{Cu(2,6-(PhSCH2)2C5H3N)(?-X)}2] (X=Cl, Br) and [Ni(2,6-(PhSCH2)2C5H3N)Br2]

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posted on 2023-05-16, 12:53 authored by Ball, RJ, Genge, ARJ, Radford, AL, Skelton, BW, Tolhurst, V, White, AH
A range of NiX2 and CuX (X = halide) complexes containing the tridentate NS2 ligands 2,6-bis(methylthiomethyl)pyridine (L1) and 2,6-bis(phenylthiomethyl)pyridine (L2) were prepared. Reaction of CuX with 1 molar equivalent of L1 or L2 afforded the binuclear species [{CuL(μ-X)}2] (L=L1, X=Cl; L=L2, X=Cl, Br, I). These compounds have been characterised by IR and 1H NMR spectroscopies, mass spectrometry and microanalysis. Crystal structure determinations of [{CuL2(μ-X)}2] (X=Cl, Br) confirm the dimeric nature of these complexes through bridging halide centres, with the NS2 ligands coordinated through their pyridyl nitrogens and one of the sulfur atoms in a bidentate manner. Reaction of NiX2 with 1 molar equivalent of L1 or L2 afforded mononuclear species for [NiLX2] (L=L1, X=I; L=L2, X=Br, I) and binuclear species for [NiLX2]2 (L=L1, X=Cl, Br; L=L2, X=Cl). These compounds have limited solubility and were characterised through IR and UV-Vis reflectance spectroscopies and microanalysis. The crystal structure determination of [NiL2Br2] confirms the compound to be monomeric with a five-coordinate, square pyramidal nickel centre.


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Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions








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