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Design and implementation of a time-based Sun tracking solar system

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posted on 2023-05-21, 02:50 authored by Bin Ali, F, Chakma, R, Raihan, A, Hasan, M, Khan, MFS, Alam, MJ, Akter, R, Mahtab, SS
Because of continuous decrease fuel of fossil reserve in earth, the whole world is now turning to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower etc. In addition, it can be said that the ultimate source of energy on earth is sun with a few exceptions. And it is also the cleanest energy source without any pollution. The power value of 1.74 x 1017 watts receives by earth and the world consumes about 1.2 x 1013 watts of power per day. We are attempting to devour more energy from the sun utilizing the panel of solar. Changing of solar energy from electrical energy is expanding where the panels position of solar is situated vertically from the sun. In this way, the sun’s tracking location and the panels position of solar is significant. In this paper, a new design of automatic tracking system to track the position of sun’s has been focused. Though it is positioned vertically from the sun for the maximum conversion of energy in every times as move as solar panel with this system. In this tracking system, Light Depending Resistors (LDR) are applied as sensors. This system includes a microcontroller, LDR, gear motor system, and solar panels. This system is designed as dual axis tracking system. We also added a Real Time Clock and limit switch to reset the position of the solar panels at the end of the day.


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