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Designing for humans not robots (or vulcans)

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posted on 2023-05-19, 14:19 authored by Lueg, CP, Twidale, MB
There is growing interest in embodiment in information seeking which we use as an opportunity to reconsider what we as designers of information interfaces aim for. While we have become quite good at developing interfaces that are effective at supporting specific needs or needs that have been rendered specific we are still not good at proving interfaces that reflect a key human characteristic and strength which is being embedded in this world and being curious about it. While this discussion is related to research into serendipity (c.f. Erdelez et al 2016) we stay clear of this body of work since we feel the issue is a broader one: we seem to have got stuck designing interfaces that are more suitable for patient, logical, rational robots (or Vulcans) than for mammals who get tired, bored, exited, irritated, intrigued or distracted, and who even change their minds about what they want to do.


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