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Detection, quantification, and characterization of Salmonella enterica in mango, tomato, and raw chicken purchased in the central region of Mexico

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posted on 2023-05-21, 05:43 authored by Godinez-Oviedo, A, Cabrera-Diaz, E, Palacios-Marmolejo, A, Perez-Covarrubias, OB, Vargas-Daniel, RC, Mark TamplinMark Tamplin, John BowmanJohn Bowman, Hernandez-Iturriaga, M
To estimate human exposure to Salmonella enterica, it is essential to understand the pathogen distribution and characteristics. Prevalence and concentration of S. enterica were determined in mango, tomato, and raw chicken samples purchased in three states (Aguascalientes, Querétaro, and Guadalajara) located in the central region of Mexico during two seasons. In addition, S. enterica isolates were characterized by absence/presence of 13 virulence genes (chromosomal, prophage, and plasmid) and resistance to 14 antibiotics. A total of 300 samples of mango, 272 of tomato, and 354 of raw chicken were analyzed. The mean of the prevalence (24.9%) and concentration (-0.61 Log MPN/g) of S. enterica in chicken was higher than in mango (1.3%, -1.7 Log MPN/g) and tomato (1.1%, -1.7 Log MPN). Among S. enterica isolates (284), there were 7 different virulotypes, belonging 68.7% of isolates to V2; there was high variability in the presence of mobile genetic elements. The occurrence of specific mobile elements ranged from 81.4% to 11.3% among isolates. Among the isolates, 91.5% were resistant to at least one antibiotic with ampicillin being the most frequent; 54.9% of isolates were multidrug resistant. Data from this study can be used for quantitative microbial risk assessment of S. enterica related to mango, tomato, and raw chicken consumption in the central region of Mexico.


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