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Determination of roll motion for a floating body in regular waves

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posted on 2023-05-26, 10:28 authored by Das, SK, Sahoo, PK, Das, SN
The paper deals with the mathematical modelling of roll motion of a floating body in regular waves in beam seas for non-restrained conditions. The hydrodynamic forces are computed with the application of strip theory, and frequency dependent sectional added mass moment of inertia and damping are integrated over the length of the body by using the Frank close fit method. The governing equation which arises after balancing the hydrodynamic and exciting forces is reduced to non-dimensional form prior to converting it into the frequency domain by applying the Laplace transform technique. Numerical experiments have been carried out for a vessel of 19190 tonne displacement under the action of small amplitude sinusoidal wave of 11.2 sec periodicity to obtain roll response. This has been done in order to check the roll response computed numerically by developing a numerical model 'SHIPMOT-R' where the Runge-Kutta-Gill method is adopted. A good agreement has been achieved between the time histories of roll motions computed numerically and derived analytically for zero and non-zero forward speeds. It is observed that the roll amplitude increases with the increase of vessel speed. This modelling technique would be very much useful for ascertaining the vessel's safety requirements in the early stages of design.


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Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment Proceeding of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers Part M



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