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Development and evaluation of a cpue-based harvest control rule for the southern and eastern scalefish and shark fishery of Australia

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posted on 2023-05-19, 09:15 authored by Little, LR, Wayte, SE, Tuck, GN, Smith, ADM, Klaer, N, Malcolm HaddonMalcolm Haddon, Punt, AE, Thomson, R, Day, J, Fuller, M
Many fishery management agencies are adopting harvest control rules (HCRs) to achieve harvest policies and management objectives. HCRs, however, often require data-intensive stock assessments to facilitate the harvest prescription. An HCR based on catch and catch per unit effort (cpue) was developed for the southern and eastern scalefish and shark fishery of Australia, for stocks that lack the data needed to conduct a full statistical catch-at-age assessment. The HCR produces a recommended biological catch and is characterized by two parameters, target cpue and target catch, both derived from historical data. Simulation tests showed that the HCR could guide the stock to the desired state from different initial levels of depletion. However, the selection of parameter values for the HCR was critical. Achieving fishery objectives was difficult when the target catch was a function of recent catch, rather than data from a predefined historical reference period. Problems may also arise when specifying the reference period on which the HCR parameters are determined. The cpue-based HCR is a valuable tool for managing fisheries where monitoring and assessment activities are relatively expensive, or in general, where data are scarce. © 2011 International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.


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