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Diets of Diplodus sargus capensis and D. cervinus hottentotus (Pisces: Sparidae) on the Tsitsikamma coast, South Africa

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posted on 2023-05-16, 20:19 authored by Mann, BQ, Colin BuxtonColin Buxton
Diets of Diplodus sargus capensis and D. cervinus hottentotus, sampled on the Tsitsikamma coast, are described. D. sargus was a generalist, feeding on a wide variety of reef associated invertebrates and algae. D. cervinus was more of a specialist feeding on comparatively few prey groups, the most important being polychaetes and amphipods. Juveniles of both species showed considerable spatial and dietary overlap, feeding predominantly on amphipods, polychaetes and harpacticoid copepods. Larger fish showed an increase in the range of prey species taken and dietary overlap was diminished. The dietary differences between these two species are thought to contribute to greater abundance and habitat range in D. sargus.


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