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Discovery of Five Recycled Pulsars in a High Galactic Latitude Survey

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posted on 2023-05-16, 19:34 authored by Jacoby, BA, Bailes, M, Ord, SM, Knight, HS, Hotan, AW
We present five recycled pulsars discovered during a 21 cm survey of approximately 4150 deg2 between 15° and 30° from the Galactic plane using the Parkes radio telescope. One new pulsar, PSR J1528-3146, has a 61 ms spin period and a massive white dwarf companion. Like many recycled pulsars with heavy companions, the orbital eccentricity is relatively high (∼0.0002), consistent with evolutionary models that predict less time for circularization. The four remaining pulsars have short spin periods (3 ms < P < 6 ms); three of these have probable white dwarf binary companions and one (PSR J2010-1323) is isolated. PSR J1600-3053 is relatively bright for its dispersion measure of 52.3 pc cm-3 and promises good timing precision thanks to an intrinsically narrow feature in its pulse profile, resolvable through coherent dedispersion. In this survey, the recycled pulsar discovery rate was 1 per 4 days of telescope time or 1 per 600 deg2 of sky. The variability of these sources implies that there are more millisecond pulsars that might be found by repeating this survey. © 2007. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.


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