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Dissecting transmetalation reactions at the molecular level: C-B versus F-B bond activation in phenyltrifluoroborate silver complexes

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posted on 2023-05-20, 22:57 authored by Bathie, F, Stewart, A, Allan CantyAllan Canty, O'Hair, RAJ

The gas-phase unimolecular reactions of the silver(I) complex [Ag(PhBF3)2], formed via electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry of solutions containing the phenyltrifluoroborate salt and AgNO3, are examined. Upon collision induced dissociation (CID) three major reaction channels were observed for [Ag(PhBF3)2]: Ph group transfer via a transmetalation reaction to yield [PhAg(PhBF3)]; F transfer to produce [FAg(PhBF3)]; and release of PhBF3. The anionic silver product complexes of these reactions, [LAg(PhBF3)] (where L = Ph and F), were then mass-selected and subjected to a further stage of CID. [PhAg(PhBF3)] undergoes a Ph group transfer via transmetalation to yield [Ph2Ag] with loss of BF3. [FAg(PhBF3)] solely fragments via loss of BF4, a reaction that involves Ph group transfer from B to Ag in conjunction with F transfer from Ag to B. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations on the various competing pathways reveal that: (i) the overall endothermicities govern the experimentally observed product ion abundances; (ii) the Ph group and F transfer reactions proceed via late transition states; and (iii) formation of BF4 from [FAg(PhBF3)] is a multistep reaction in which Ph group transfer from B to Ag proceeds first to produce a [FAgPh(BF3)] complex in which the BF3 moiety is initially weakly bound to the ipso-carbon of the phenyl group and then migrates across the linear [FAgPh] moiety from C to Ag to F yielding [PhAg(BF4)], which can then dissociate via loss of PhAg.


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