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Distribution and existing forms of trace elements from Maliping Pb-Zn deposit in northeastern Yunnan, China: A LA-ICPMS study

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posted on 2023-05-20, 23:46 authored by Hu, YS, Ye, L, Huang, ZL, Li, ZL, Wei, C, Leonid Danyushevsky
The Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou (SYG) Pb-Zn metallogenic province, located in southwestern margin of the Yangtze Block, is an important part of the large-scale low-temperature metallogenic domain in southwestern China. The Maliping Pb-Zn deposit, situated in the central part of Zhaotong-Qujing metallogenic belt, was found in northeastern Yunnan Province recently. The orebody is hosted in Late Cambrian Yuhucun Formation, occurring as stratabound, lense and venis. The mineral assemblage of the Maliping deposit is relatively simple. The main sulfide minerals are sphalerite and galena with minor pyrite. Gangue minerals include mainly dolomite, calcite, quartz and barite. LA-ICPMS spots and mapping analysis for the different sulfides from Maliping Pb-Zn deposit, and the distribution and existing forms of germanium, cadmium, indium and other trace elements were investigated. The results show that different sulfides are characterized by different contents of trace elements. Mn, Cu, Sn, Cd, In and Ge are mainly enriched in sphalerite, while galena from this deposit is enrichment of Ag, Sb and Se, and pyrite is characterized by enrichment of As, Co and Ni. Comparing with the content of dispersed elements in different sulfides, the results indicate that sphalerite is the primary carrier mineral of Ge, In and Cd. Cd, Ge, In, Mn, As, Sb and Ag occur as isomorphous substitution in the sphalerite, and Cu mostly exists in sphalerite as isomorphism but part of Cu occurs as micro-inclusions (chalcopyrite) in sphalerite. Considered the distinct positive relationship between Cu and Ge, the results imply that the substitution mechanism of Ge and Cu is possibly 3Zn2+↔Ge4++2Cu+. Additionally, sphalerite from Maliping Pb-Zn deposit is characterized by enrichment of Cd, Ge and depleted in Mn, Fe, Co and Sn which coincides with the feature of MVT Pb-Zn deposit and differs from the sedimentary-exhalative deposit and magmatic-hydrothermal deposit. On account of the geological features, other geochemical researches and its ore-forming temperature belonging to low temperature, it is suggested that the Maliping deposit belongs to an MVT Pb-Zn deposit. Notably, we imply that ore-forming fluid extracted indium of magmatic and volcaniclastic rocks from the metamorphic basement, resulting in the enrichment of indium in sphalerite from the deposit.


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