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Dose adjustment guidelines for medications in patients with renal impairment: How consistent are drug information sources?

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posted on 2023-05-17, 20:17 authored by Khanal, A, Ronald CastelinoRonald Castelino, Gregory PetersonGregory Peterson, Matthew JoseMatthew Jose

Background: It is known that patients with renal disease are often administered inappropriate dosages of drugs. A lack of quantitative data in the available drug information sources and inconsistency in dosing information may augment the problem of dosing error.

Aims: To determine the concordance among five drug information sources regarding the dosing recommendations provided for drugs considered problematic in patients with renal impairment and to determine the consistency among the sources regarding the definition of renal impairment and categorisation of chronic kidney disease.

Methods: Five standard drug information sources were reviewed for 61 drugs recommended to be used with caution in renal impairment. Information on recommendations for dosage adjustment in renal impairment was extracted and analysed. Further, the definition and classification of renal impairment were recorded. The recommendation for each drug was coded into six different categories and the inter-source reliability was calculated.

Results: Only slight agreement was observed among the sources (Fleiss Kappa: 0.3). Qualitative data were not well defined and there was a lack of consistency in quantitative values. Some drugs marked as contraindicated in one source were not mentioned as such in others. Also, drugs considered as not requiring dosage adjustment in one source had explicit recommendations in other sources. The definition and classification of renal impairment differed among the five information sources.

Conclusions: There should be an evidence-based approach to drug dosage adjustment in order to bring uniformity to the recommendations. Regular updating of the content of the drug information sources is also important.


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