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Effect of supplementation on the milk yield and composition of Red Sokoto does

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posted on 2023-05-26, 16:26 authored by Malau-Aduli, BS, Eduvie, LO, Lakpini, CAM, Malau-Aduli, AEO
Twenty-eight Red Sokoto does were supplemented with crop residue-based and concentrate rations at 1 and 2% of body weight in a 7-treatment completely randomised block design experiment. Average daily milk yield, total milk yield, total lactation length and milk composition were monitored and subjected to least squares analysis to test the effect of treatment. Results indicated that Ration 1C which comprised of mainly crop residue with much lesser protein levels than the concentrate rations (1A and 2A), produced 54kg of milk over a 90-day lactation period averaging 0.60 kg per day. At the other extreme, the negative control ration (Green grass and Digitaria hay) contained the least protein and dams that fed on it had the shortest lactation length (41 days), and therefore least total and average daily milk yields (10.2 and 0.25kg, respectively). It was evident that in absolute terms, milk from does on Ration 2A contained the highest percentages of fat (6%), protein (6.33%), total solids (21.85%) and SNF (15.85%). As expected, milk from does on the negative control ration ranked least with respect to all the parameters studied. It was concluded that Ration C fed at 1% level is a good supplementary feed package for increased milk production in Red Sokoto goats because it competes favourably with conventional concentrate rations. It also gives milk with lower fat content than conventional concentrate rations which from a consumer point of view, is healthy and desirable.


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Proceedings of the 26th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production


Proceedings of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production: Strategies for Poverty Alleviation - Animal Production Option










Nigerian Society for Animal Production

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National Animal Production Research Institute, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria.

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