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Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment and root restriction on leaf gas exchange and growth of banana (Musa)

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posted on 2023-05-18, 23:18 authored by Schaffer, B, Searle, C, Whiley, AW, Nissen, R
The effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment and root restriction on photosynthetic characteristics and growth of banana (Musa sp. AAA cv. Gros Michel) plants were investigated. Plants were grown aeroponically in root chambers in controlled environment glasshouse rooms at CO2 concentrations of 350 or 1000 μmol CO2 mol-1. At each CO2 concentration, plants were grown in large (2001) root chambers that did not restrict root growth or in small (201) root chambers that restricted root growth. Plants grown at 350 μmol CO2 mol-1, generally had a higher carboxylation efficiency than plants grown at 1000 μmol CO2 mol-1, although actual net CO2 assimilation (A) was higher at the higher ambient CO2 concentration due to increased intercellular CO2 concentrations (Ci) resulting from CO2 enrichment. Thus, plants grown at 1000 μMol CO2 mol-1 accumulated more leaf area and dry weight than plants grown at 350 μmol CO2 mol-1. Plants grown in the large root chambers were more photosynthetically efficient than plants grown in the small root chambers. At 350 μmol CO2 mol-1, leaf area and dry weights of plant organs were generally greater for plants in the large root chambers compared to those in the small root chambers. Atmospheric CO2 enrichment may have compensated for the effects of root restriction on plant growth since at 1000 μmol CO2 mol-1 there was generally no effect of root chamber size on plant dry weight.


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