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Effects of repetitive SSVEPs on EEG complexity using multiscale inherent fuzzy entropy

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posted on 2023-05-20, 03:54 authored by Cao, Z, Ding, W, Wang, Y-K, Hussain, FK, Al-Jumaily, A, Lin, C-T
Multiscale inherent fuzzy entropy is an objective measurement of electroencephalography (EEG) complexity, reflecting the habituation of brain systems. Entropy dynamics are generally believed to reflect the ability of the brain to adapt to a visual stimulus environment. In this study, we explored repetitive steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based EEG complexity by assessing multiscale inherent fuzzy entropy with relative measurements. We used a wearable EEG device with Oz and Fpz electrodes to collect EEG signals from 40 participants under the following three conditions: a resting state (closed-eyes (CE) and open-eyes (OE) stimulation with five 15-Hz CE SSVEPs and stimulation with five 20-Hz OE SSVEPs. We noted monotonic enhancement of occipital EEG relative complexity with increasing stimulus times in CE and OE conditions. The occipital EEG relative complexity was significantly higher for the fifth SSVEP than for the first SSEVP (FDR-adjusted p = 0.05). Similarly, the prefrontal EEG relative complexity tended to be significantly higher in the OE condition compared to that in the CE condition (FDR-adjusted p = 0.05). The results also indicate that multiscale inherent fuzzy entropy is superior to other competing multiscale-based entropy methods. In conclusion, EEG relative complexity increases with stimulus times, a finding that reflects the strong habituation of brain systems. These results suggest that multiscale inherent fuzzy entropy is an EEG pattern with which brain complexity can be assessed using repetitive SSVEP stimuli.


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