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Eucalyptus cordata Subsp. quadrangulosa (Myrtaceae), a new taxon of restricted distribution from southern Tasmania

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posted on 2023-11-03, 01:25 authored by GE McKinnon, BM Potts, D Nicolle
Eucalyptus cordata subsp. quadrangulosa is described to accommodate western populations of the species, and differs from the typical subspecies most conspicuously in the quadrangular branchlets, and also in the larger and more pointed juvenile leaves, the more flattened peduncles, the larger bi-ribbed flower buds, and the larger fruits. The quadrangular branchlets of the new subspecies are unique in E. ser. Orbiculares. The new subspecies occurs to the west of, and largely disjunct from, eastern E. cordata, and tends to occupy cooler and wetter sites. Some morphologically and geographically intermediate populations are known. Both subspecies of E. cordata are of restricted distribution and are known from relatively few, disjunct and generally numerically small populations, and as such are under threat from various natural and human-induced influences. The newly described subsp. quadrangulosa is commonly cultivated in cool climates as an ornamental tree for its silvery foliage. A key to E. ser. Orbiculares, and a distribution map and photographs of representative types of E. cordata are presented.


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