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Experimental and Computational Investigation of Flow around a 3-1 Prolate Spheroid

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posted on 2023-05-16, 22:47 authored by Clarke, D, Paul BrandnerPaul Brandner, Walker, GJ
The flow around a 3-1 prolate spheroid near the critical Reynolds number is investigated experimentally and numerically. This work was conducted as part of a larger project to examine the flow around Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. The experimental investigation has been performed in a water tunnel at the Australian Maritime College. Fast response pressure probes and a 3-D automated traverse have been developed to investigate the state of the boundary layer. A commercial CFD code has been modified to allow the experimentally determined boundary layer state to be included in the computation. Qualitative and quantitative comparisons between the measured and calculated results are discussed. The tests on the spheroid were conducted within a Reynolds numbers range of 0.6 × 106 to 4 × 106. The results presented here are for an incidence of 10 degrees


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WSEAS Transactions on Fluid Mechanics


207 - 217




Australian Maritime College


World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society

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