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Expression of ephrin-A2 in the superior colliculus and EphA5 in the retina following optic nerve section in adult rat

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posted on 2023-05-18, 08:22 authored by Rodger, J, Lindsey, KA, Leaver, SG, Carolyn KingCarolyn King, Dunlop, SA, Beazley, LD
The vertebrate retina projects topographically to visual brain centres. In the developing visual system, gradients of ephrins and Eph receptors play a role in defining topography. At maturity, ephrins but not Ephs are downregulated. Here we show that optic nerve section in adult rat differentially regulates the expression of ephrin-A2 in the superior colliculus (SC) and of EphA5 in the retina. Expression was quantified immunohistochemically; ephrin-A2 levels were also estimated by semiquantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction. In the normal SC, ephrin-A2 was expressed at low levels. At 1 month, levels of protein and of mRNA were upregulated across the contralateral SC giving rise to an increasing rostro-caudal gradient. At 6 months, levels had fallen but a gradient remained. In the retina of normal animals, EphA5 was expressed as an increasing naso-temporal gradient. By 1 month, expression was decreased in far temporal retina, resulting in a uniform expression across the naso-temporal axis. We suggest that denervation-induced plastic changes within the SC modify expression of these molecules.


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