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French translations of Jane Austen

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posted on 2023-05-17, 18:20 authored by Russell, Adam
In her essay, "Jane Austen and the serious modern novel," Kathryn Sutherland discusses some of the "specific features that mark Austen's contribution to the novel as a serious modern literary form." According to Sutherland, Austen's greatest achievement is the ¨Dnarrative method inflected by the personal subjectivity of a self-conversing heroine¡¬ most evident in Persuasion, Austen¡®s posthumously published "late" novel, which appeared in 1818, bound with Northanger Abbey in "two-decker" format (Sutherland 253). In a similar vein, Valerie Shaw observes that Austen makes one of her "subdued" heroines, Anne Elliot, "live more in a consciousness of life's felt complexities than in rationalistic formulations about life." The narrative discourse in Persuasion certainly evinces a predilection for the representation of the heroine's perceptions, thoughts and feelings; in short, her consciousness is the novel's "experiencing centre," which is conveyed by a narrative technique discernible beyond the sentence level, known as free indirect discourse (FID). FID is a complex modality because of its heterogeneity; it produces "dual-voiced effects" in narrative through its hybridity. This term owes much to Bakhtin's concept of "double-voiced speech" (or type three discourses). Double-voiced speech is characterised by two (or more) utterances: "one overt and manifest, the other covert and implicit in the surface utterance."


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