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Further observations upon the fishes and fishing industries of Tasmania together with a revised indigenous species

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posted on 2023-11-22, 10:37 authored by Robert Mackenzie Johnston
As it is desirable that a fresh catalogue should be prepared, embracing all the species known at the present time, I have much pleasure in submitting the following additional observations regarding our fishes and fishing industries, together with a list of the principal edible fishes, and a complete classified list of all the fishes known to me at the present time.
The known sea and inland fishes of Tasmania, including the eight species of European fresh-water fishes successfully acclimatised, number 214 species. These are generally grouped by naturalists under 4 sub-classes, 65 families, and 146 genera. About one-third of the number stated may be considered good edible fish, although only about 21 species are caught in sufficient number to form a market supply.
The following are the local names of those found in greatest abundance, the first six alone forming articles of export: The Hobart Trumpeter, Perch (Chilodactylus), Snotgall Trevally, Barracouta, Kingfish, Conger Eel, Native Salmon, Bastard Trumpeter, Red Perch, Rock Gurnet, Flathead, Horse Mackerel, Sea Mullet, Rock Cod, Ling, Flounder, Sole, Garfish, Common Eel.
Includes extended list of edible fishes in Tasmanian waters and a list of fish sold in Hobart during the year 1888.


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