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Genome-Wide Association Study of Prostate Cancer–Specific Survival

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posted on 2023-05-18, 14:00 authored by Sulkin, R, Karlsson, R, Whitington, T, Aly, M, Gronberg, H, Eeles, RA, Easton, RA, Kote-Jarai, Z, Al Olama, AA, Benlloch, S, Muir, K, Giles, GG, Southey, MC, Liesel FitzgeraldLiesel Fitzgerald, Henderson, BE, Schumacher, FR, Haiman, CA, Sipeky, C, Tammela, TL, Nordestgaard, BG, Key, TJ, Travis, RC, Neal, DE, Donovan, JL, Hamdy, FC, Pharaoh, PD, Pashayan, N, Khaw, KT, Stanford, JL, Thibodeau, SN, McDonnell, SK, Schaid, DJ, Majer, C, Vogel, W, Luedeke, M, Herkommer, K, Kibel, AS, Cybulski, C, Lubinski, J, Kluzniak, W, Cannon--Albright, L, Brenner, H, Herrmann, V, Holleczek, B, Park, JY, Sellers, TA, Lim, HY, Slavov, C, Kaneva, RP, Mitev, VI, Spurdle, A, Teixeira, MR, Paulo, P, Maia, S, Pandha, H, Michael, A, Kierzek, A, Batra, J, Clements, JA, Andriole, GL, Berndt, SI, Chanock, S, Gapstur, SM, Giovannucci, EL, Hunter, DJ, Kraft, P, Le Marchand, L, Ma, J, Mondul, AM, Penney, KL, Stampfer, MJ, Stevens, VL, Weinstein, SJ, Trichopoulou, A, Bueno-de-Mesquita, BH, Tionneland, A, Cox, DG, Maehle, L, Schleutker, J, Lindstrom, S, Wiklund, F

BACKGROUND: Unnecessary intervention and overtreatment of indolent disease are common challenges in clinical management of prostate cancer. Improved tools to distinguish lethal from indolent disease are critical.

METHODS: We performed a genome-wide survival analysis of cause-specific death in 24,023 prostate cancer patients (3,513 disease-specific deaths) from the PRACTICAL and BPC3 consortia. Top findings were assessed for replication in a Norwegian cohort (CONOR).

RESULTS: We observed no significant association between genetic variants and prostate cancer survival.

CONCLUSIONS: Common genetic variants with large impact on prostate cancer survival were not observed in this study.

IMPACT: Future studies should be designed for identification of rare variants with large effect sizes or common variants with small effect sizes.


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Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention










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