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Geochronologic and isotope geochemical constraints on magmatism and associated W-Mo mineralization of the Jitoushan W-Mo deposit, middle-lower Yangtze Valley

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posted on 2023-05-17, 18:21 authored by Song, G, Qin, K, Li, G, Liu, T, Li, J, Li, X, Chang, Z
The Jitoushan W-Mo ore body is a typical skarn-type deposit with the potential for porphyry Mo mineralization at depth. As it is newly discovered, only a few studies have been conducted on the geochronology and ore genesis of this deposit. The ore district consists of Cambrian to Silurian sedimentary and low-grade metasedimentary strata, intruded by granodiorite, diorite porphyry, granite porphyry, and quartz porphyry. Skarn W-Mo ore bodies are hosted in the contact zone between the granodiorite and Cambrian limestone strata. Within the granodiorite near the contact zone, quartz vein type and disseminated sulphide mineralization are well developed. The Mo-bearing granite porphyry has been traced at depth by drilling. Our results reveal two discrete magmatic events at ca. 138 and ca. 127 Ma in the study area. The molybdenite Re-Os isochronal age of 136.6 ± 1.5 million years is consistent with the first magmatic event. The zircon Hf isotope (åHf(t) =12.553.91), sulphide isotopes (ä34S = 3.32-5.59), and Re content of molybdenite (Recontent = 6.424-19.07 ìg) indicate that the ore-forming materials were mainly derived from the deep crust. The regional tectonic system switched from a Late Jurassic transpressive regime to an earliest Cretaceous extensional regime at ca. 145 Ma, and at ca. 138 Ma, the Jitoushan W-Mo deposit formed in an extensional setting.


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