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Habitat associations and natural history of the Tasmanian "snow skinks" (Niveoscincus spp.)

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posted on 2023-11-02, 05:00 authored by J Melville, R Swain
Niveoscincus "snow skink" is the largest genus of lizards in Tasmania, but little literature is available on the ecology of the seven species discussed here. They were examined by studying the vegetation associations and natural history of all Niveoscincus species except N palfreymani. Most were found to be primarily either ground-dwelling, saxicolous or arboreal, although a few species, such as N microlepidotus, showed a combination of these habits. Saxicolous and heath/rock-dwelling species were restricted to more open habitats.
Ground-dwelling species, on the other hand, were widespread and found in many different habitats but not in open rocky areas. Arboreal species were found in a wide range of forest habitats from sea-level to the tree line. The species studied were found to have significantly different, although partially overlapping habitat preferences.


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